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From the very start of the company, we have been determined to build a strong Polish brand based on years of experience. Our mission is mainly promoting the culture of technical safety in plants where flammable and explosive substances occur. Furthermore, we aim at disseminating the up-to-date knowledge on the risks caused by the storage, processing, transport etc. of dangerous substances.


The experience of our engineers, verified by dozens of completed projects, enables us to provide professionally authored Explosion Risk Assessment documents for individual pieces of equipment and whole production facilities.

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Ocena Ryzyka Wybuchu ATEX

We offer comprehensive adaptation of facilities to the requirements of the ATEX directive. One of our main tasks in this regard is the classification and determination of the range of explosive hazard zones.

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Strefy zagrożenia wybuchem ATEX

We specialise in the development of Explosion Protection Documents (EPD) – i.e. the most important and complete document required from the employer by law.

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Dokument Zabezpieczenia Przed Wybuchem

We provide specialised ATEX training with main focus on, broadly defined, explosion and process safety.

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Szkolenia ATEX Grupa WOLFF

The WOLFF GROUP, of which ATEX is a part, is one of the few companies in Europe to provide comprehensive adaptations of process installations and complete production facilities to the applicable explosion and process safety regulations.

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Ochrona przed wybuchem ATEX

Methodical and focused testing is key in the management of process systems’ risk as they enable identification of hazard sources and development of emergency scenarios. This purpose is achieved by HAZOP studies (Eng. Hazard and operability studies).

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Badania HAZOP

We specialise in providing audits, expert opinions and reports in the field of broadly defined explosion safety.

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Audyty i ekspertyzy ATEX

We provide inventory control of electrical and non-electrical equipment operating in Ex zones. We also verify ATEX certificates.

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Inwentaryzacja urządzeń pracujących w Strefach Ex

We offer consulting services for completing the documentation required for machines and equipment certification processes, resulting in obtaining the CE or Ex mark for a specific machine.

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Certyfikacja urządzeń ATEX i CE

Our offer includes the development of a fire safety document for the facility or its part (independent fire section) – Fire Safety Instruction.

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Instrukcje Bezpieczeństwa Pożarowego

We support design and engineering companies as well as maintenance departments with our experience, providing technical consulting services with regard to the occurrence of explosive atmospheres and limiting the effects of explosions in industrial facilities.

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Doradztwo techniczne ATEX

In many industries, especially with the presence of combustible gases and/or liquids, there is a risk of ignition of the explosive atmosphere by static electricity spark.

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Instrukcje Ochrony Przed Elektrycznością Statyczną

Completed Projects

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Zapisz się zanim braknie miejsc
W czasie warsztatu Zbigniew Wolff przedstawi:
  • wymogi prawne i normatywne
  • najczęstsze błędy i ich konsekwencje
  • unikalne filmy pokazujące wybuchy w urządzeniach
W czasie warsztatu Mariusz Blicki przedstawi:
  • 28 unikalnych filmów pokazujących błędy
  • ograniczenia zabezpieczeń przeciwwybuchowych
  • najważniejsze aspekty teoretyczne i prawne
W czasie warsztatu Maciej Freza przedstawi:
  • sposoby zasilania i sterowania oświetleniem
  • sposoby testowania opraw i zasilania
  • rodzaje zasilania w oparciu o normę PN-EN 50172