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Fire Safety Instruction

Our offer includes the development of a fire safety document for the facility or its part (independent fire section) – Fire Safety Instruction (FSI).

The FSI document has the following functions:

  • preventive – for permanent users of the facility – appoints fire prevention equipment and extinguishers, evacuation routes and method of operation in the case of fire or any other event resulting in the need to leave the building;
  • operational – for intervention unit of the State Fire Department – in case of the need of rescue or extinguishing actions on site, the manager of the Rescue Action is able to quickly familiarise themselves with the characteristics of the facility, number of persons in it and the locations of power switches, gas valves, external hydrants, etc.

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The Fire Safety Instruction is prepared for:

  • existing facilities (groups of facilities) without an FSI number;
  • facilities in construction, on the construction design stage (subject to verification after commissioning of the building);
  • facilities with recent changes in the the mode of operation or technological process, affecting the conditions of fire protection.

Legal basis

According to §6 Par. 1 of the Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of 7 June 2010 on the fire protection of buildings, other structures and areas (Dz. U. 2000 no. 109, item 719), the Fire Safety Instruction should be prepared for public utility, collective residence, production and storage objects.

This document is required the aforementioned objects if there is an explosion hazard zone within them or if the total cubic capacity of the building or its part (forming an independent fire area) exceeds 1000 m3.

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