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Protection against static electricity instructions for explosion hazard zones

Scope of works

  • development of procedures/instructions for explosion hazard zones in which the explosive atmosphere may be ignited by electrostatic discharge;
  • development of guidelines for the implementation of the required protective measures and their correct use (including earthing and earthing control systems).

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Instrukcje Ochrony Przed Elektrycznością Statyczną

Who should have the protection against static electricity instructions?

In many industries, especially with the presence of combustible gases and/or liquids, there is a risk of ignition of the explosive atmosphere by static electricity spark. Industries with serious threat of this occurrence are chemical and refinery industries as well as gas industry, paints and varnishes industry and industrial printing houses.

In order to limit the risk of combustion of the explosive atmosphere due to electrostatic discharge in explosion hazard zones, the developed procedures must be followed together with the use of adequate protective measures, including earthing and earthing control systems.

These instructions help to increase process safety for production in established explosion hazard zones. Determination of the basic safety principles for earthing electrostatic charges. Determination of the required protective measures and correct behaviour of employees.

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