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Explosion Protection Document – EPD

Scope of works

  • development of the Explosion Protection Document (and determination of explosion hazard zones) for process installations and facilities with possible dust, gas and/or hybrid explosive atmospheres;
  • updating the Explosion Protection Document after the introduction of modifications with significant impact on explosion safety.

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Description of our activities

The Explosion Protection Documents (EPD) is the most important and complete document required from the employer by law. Experience in the broadly defined area of explosion and process safety as well as engineering, mechanical and chemical knowledge are required to develop such a document. Our team of engineers fulfils all these expectations, as verified by multiple implemented projects. Over the years, we earned the trust of dozens of companies from the power, chemical, food, wood and cement industries.

What’s important, before starting work we complete a site visit and interviews with installation users. The site visit allows us to collects all necessary materials and make a photographic documentation. The main body of work is provided in cooperation with persons or departments appointed by the investor. This approach enables us to work out the appropriate method, resulting in a professional Explosion Protection Document. One of the key factors in the EPD are recommendations fro further actions (if required).

Legal basis

As mentioned above, the Explosion Protection Document is the most important comprehensive study on explosion safety. This report includes both the explosion risk assessment and explosion risk zones determination. This is a direct result of the Regulation of the Minister of Economy of 8 July 2010 on minimum requirements for the occupational safety and hygiene, related to the possible occurrence of explosive atmosphere in the workplace (Dz. U. 2010 no. 138, item 931, § 7.1.) stating that before making the workplace available, the employer should provide an explosion protection document, based on risk assessment.

The same regulations also requires the employer to update the Explosion Protection Document – In each instance the workplace, equipment or working system is changed in a way that may affect the results of risk assessment (an integral part of the EPD – editor’s note), the employer should update the document without delay.

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